Gulet For Sale Bodrum

Gulet For Sale

For centuries Gulets were built in the Eastern Mediterranean and Aegean for local cargo carriage purposes in shallow waters. A Gulet for sale is a traditionally designed two-masted wooden sailing boat from the southwestern coast of Turkey although similar vessels can be found all around the eastern Mediterranean.

Gulet for sale vary in their size from 15 to 45 meters and are nowadays very popular for yacht charter. Gulets for sale  Turkey has a Millenium old construction methods in the Eastern Mediterranean Turkish coastal regions such as Antalya, Manavgat, Kemer, Kas, Gocek, Fethiye, Marmaris, Bozburun, and Bodrum where commercial yacht charter Gulet for sale are being built in traditional ways using modern space-age technology other than the use of electronic equipment, epoxy lamination materials, high power twin engines and similar high tech navigational aid products and highest quality craftmanship Nevertheless the basic construction methods have not been changed so far.

Luxury Gulet For Sale

Gulet Building starts with the construction of the iron spine filled with the traditional method to form the basis of both the balance of the Gulet for sale by lowering the GM point to give her unparalleled stability and the construction of the ribs, frames, and curves using two components epoxy bonding resin and African mahogany by forced cold molding system.
The only dimension that changed in the weight used is the use of heavy metals such as led and pik iron in the vessel’s keel box constructed with high-quality materials instead of using natural stones as ballast weight like in the good old days. – Gulets for sale

Turkish gulet for sale has solid construction for stability and seaworthiness, the frames are placed from the head to the end, Nowadays the board form is created with Auto cad, the side plankings are handmade with convex and concave hardwood in the form of a male/female planking glued and nailed to each other which makes a waterproof joint then again coated with epoxy resin with 3 or 4 layers of wooden strips covering the hull vertically, diagonally and horizontally using plastic or copper papel forced into the strips with a high-pressure gun.

Gulet For Sale

Afterward, another layer of epoxy resin and few layers of GRP ( glass reinforced plastic ) bonded with high-quality epoxy resin and finally a thick layer of steel putty. Filler to make a hard and smooth surface before painting with primer and glossy finish to get the hull or shell finished isolated from the saltwater that is rust-free, electrolysis-free, osmosis-free, and good to go for another century. 

Turkish gulet building industry has been well organized and successfully taking orders from all over the world since 1990’s Building gulet for sale of different sizes minimum from 15 meters up to 57 meters in length using cold-molded epoxy laminated mahogany frames and west system epoxy hull planking also covered by GRP and epoxy putty to provide seamless, waterproof, strong monohull.